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Qingdao Jinjing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. began to establish a new energy power battery pack factory in 2020. It is a technology intensive enterprise specializing in the research and development of PACK, and the production of various types of energy storage batteries, power batteries, and power supply products. The company has off-grid power generation and energy storage battery systems, new energy power car batteries, solar street lamp batteries, military energy storage batteries, and other energy storage products. It also has power battery products such as electric vehicle power potassium batteries, low-speed electric vehicle power batteries, electric bicycle power batteries, electric motorcycle power batteries, AGV car batteries, electric tool power batteries, torsion car power batteries, and electric forklift batteries.

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No. 22, Kongquehe Fourth Road, Tongji Street, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province


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